In 2023 with the economy being what it is, folks have less money than in past years for things beyond the basics. As a result, art purchases are less robust than when times are good. Do not let this kill your passion for being creative.

In a nutshell, this explains where I want to take the magazine in 2023 and beyond. Back in the day, I grew up significantly influenced by Airbrush Action magazine. Through the step-by-step articles, I learned much of what I know about techniques. The magazines I published, some 80 or so issues, followed by that idea by publishing those step-by-step type articles.

Fast forward to 2023 and publishing an art magazine. It is not a search for how to technique content so much anymore, as Youtube is full of that kind of content. But a search by artists to help them stay passionate about their art and being creative—a search for knowledge on how to turn their passion into a way of improving their income, at the least making enough to cover the cost of art supplies.
Let’s face it: losing your passion for creativity often comes from financial stress.

My goal is better to serve the airbrush and art communities in the future, publishing content that fires you up after you read it to keep being creative, not to lose that passion. Content of uplifting stories of other artists’ struggles and successes. It is not limited to “airbrush artists” but all types of artists. And so the name change to PUSHING PIGMENT MAGAZINE to be more inclusive of all kinds of creative people.

I aim to make it entertaining and inspirational by publishing positive, uplifting articles to achieve that. So when you hit that wall of losing your passion, you have excellent articles and the artwork to go with them you can look back at and reread to find your passion again. You can contact me at any time


Don Johnson

staying creative as an artist