Part of publishing an art magazine goes beyond creating the magazine and having it printed and shipped, I believe. Our mission is to help you become successful as an artist and to promote the arts, your art. To help you keep that passion for being creative. In 2023 we will be using our Facebook group and Instagram pages to share your art and provide you with a place to share your artwork and the magazine websites.

With Instagram, we share artwork which automatically shares it on Facebook, which we then share with our Facebook groups.

About every thirty days or so, we’ll show you which artwork got the most attention. Only somewhat scientific as some artwork has been posted longer than others. Since our Facebook groups are open for public viewing, all sorts of people actually see the artwork.

Sharing which artwork in the last thirty days has gotten the most attention might help you in marketing your artwork. For example, how was the artwork posted? Was it a fantastic photograph of the painting? By looking at what drew the attention, you should be able to adjust your marketing via social media.

Marketing your artwork vis social media is one of many ways to go; creating a local following will help ensure you’ve covered all the bases. In future magazine articles, we will give tips on marketing your artwork that has worked for successful artists.

We hope you take advantage of this information by sharing your artwork in our Facebook groups and tagging us on Instagram.

Here are the top ten for the Art By You Facebook group for receiving the most views. Next month we hope your artwork make this list.

** I will not be shareing AI artwork going forward for many reasons. More on that leter..

We hope you will support us in our mission and subscribe to our ART MAGAZINE. We do have sponors but for the most part we are reader supported.

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