Artist Ivan LoperenaIvan’s step by step was published in issue 13. He is one of the most talented artists out there and he gave us a great step by step.

I was born in the Heroic City Córdoba Vrz.  Mexico. I started my art studies at a very young age. I believe it was an unconscious need to express myself. When I had the opportunity, I chose to study the Visual Arts career and later the Graphic Design career at the Maximum House of Studies The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Since then, I have been learning and working tirelessly, sometimes by trade and many others, by the requirement to seek my form of expression. I am very attached to photorealism, an artistic genre that, due to its intrinsic characteristics, allows me to live in a more conscious world. With a demanding and unique technique, airbrushing is one of my favorite ways to capture reality and magic in the same shot, making everything seem incredibly natural. My paintings can be characterized as expressive portrayals. A mixture of figurative realism with nostalgic monochrome, properties that make everything possible in my work, and any attached component called color can be fused.

Ivan Loperena

Some of Ivan artwork below.