Artist José Luis Parada Caballero

Jose was published in issue 15 with a step by step on a Tattoo girl awesome article we thank him.

José Luis Parada Caballero, (Caracas, Venezuela. 1971) lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Graphic Designer Illustration Mention , Professional Airbrush Artist. Plastic Artist Mention Anatomy .

28 years of career and 24 years as a teacher of Fine Arts, art techniques and instructor of Professional Airbrushing in all its applications, keep him as Academic Director of his own school of Fine Arts and Professional Airbrushing, along with his wife Sylvia Obregón as Logistics and Administrative Director since 1999.

He is an atypical figurative, iconophilic and passionate about realistic and dramatic art techniques. His way of experimenting with materials and supports, and how simple it is for him to easily teach it to others, totally separated him from the paradigmatic idea of ​​finding a “concept and a style of his own”. Only time and its very life process is an evolution, where everything changes and with it the ways of painting change as well.

However, there is no doubt that more than a search or experimentation, each work contains one or several elements that become symbols in themselves, unconsciously containing messages, limited representations within the form itself, or the way in which the artist defines the world around him, and how he sees it.

A very diverse career, versatile and adapted to changes and needs, have unfolded the portfolio of this artist in a range that does not define or pigeonhole him into something concrete or determined within the world of Painting, Commercial Airbrushing or Realistic Painting itself. but in an artist of exceptional abilities who has been able to maintain himself, reinvent himself and promote himself, creating an original way of teaching practice and direct in all the techniques that he masters, creates and exhibits.

Willing to continue evolving towards new, more attractive stages in its growth and maturity process: Competitiveness.

He works hard to study and make the knowledge of art techniques available to all who need it.


Some of Jose work below.