“INSTANT ARTIST” energy drink is, of course, a spoof of society today.
It reflects the fact that people today expect things instantly these days. It takes time, hard work, and a lot of trail and error to perfect your craft, be it airbrushing, oil painting, or other art forms.

Watching Youtube videos and attending workshops all contribute to one’s success artistically. But you still have to do the work; there are no shortcuts to developing your style artistically. So while those mentioned above can and will shorten your learning curve, applying lots of pigment ultimately brings success. Through this, you learn patience, correcting what might seem like a mistake, etc. which will lead to you being the artist you dreamed of being.

And of course, reading Airbrush The Magazine.

So yes, this energy drink “Instant Artist” is a spoof on society today and a way to help raise money to keep the magazine going. We offer T-shirts and coffee mugs with the Instant Artist logo on them. Help support the magazine and show your support by purchasing a magazine T-Shirt. We have set up a Tee Spring store, and all sales are handled thru Tee Spring.

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